Charcoal Bengal Kitten available

Charcoal Bengal Kitten available

Update: All Reserved - We currently have a litter of Bengal Kittens which were born on the 18th December 2019. The mother is Migaloo Angel Alita and the Sire is Spotzettebengal Migaloo Gustavo.

There is a Charcoal Girl (pictured) remaining from this litter.

Below are the Coat Color Test Results for the Charcoal girl.

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  1. Debbie
    Hi I’m interested in the charcoal kitten that’s available Can you advise a price for them pls Thanks Debs
  2. Amie Warne
    Hi, Just wondering if you have any kittens available? Kind Regards Amie
  3. So you still have any charcoal kittens available ?
  4. Hi, Do you have any cats for sale ?
  5. Do you have any available kittens?
  7. Nice to meet you Ask a question Do you have a boy who is a charcoal (snow carrier) now? Thanking you in advance.
  8. Hi. Im very interested in purchasing a charcoal kitten. Do you have any available ?
  9. Hi there, I am wondering if you have any charcoal kittens available? We are looking for a male if possible to have as a family pet. Thanks so much Tahlia
  10. Do you have any cats/kittens available?
  11. Do you have any kittens available?
  12. I’m interested in acquiring a Charcoal kitten in future an was wondering how do you charge for your kittens. At the moment I have two Bengals males, one nearly 2 Abe the other one’s 1

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