Bengal Kittens and Adults Available – 12th December 2020.

Bengal Kittens and Adults Available – 12th December 2020.

Well this year has certainly been a test on all of us. I hope that you are all safe and well. Let’s hope we can start 2021 with a way to eradicate COVID.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic we chose to cease any further matings. The reason was that the future looked uncertain for a lot of us. With lockdowns in place and people being made redundant we knew that people would start buying pets on impulse and we were deeply concerned what would happen to all these animals once the lockdown was lifted and people went back to work/uni/school. By May we were receiving over 600 emails a day for kittens. People were so desperate that they started buying from unethical Breeders and were prepared to pay their asking price which was triple, although we heard of one person paying $8,000 to secure their kitten.

Once the COVID restrictions were eased we mated the girls who had been calling consistently as we were worried about their health.

So the end of 2020 saw us with some amazing kittens with great type, contrast and colour.

We currently have available:

Older Kitten 9 Month Old - Migaloo Wuhanago Out - Polar. Solid Lynx Blue Eyed Snow - (a/a - cs/cs) - DOB: 11/03/2020 Polar is an extremely rare solid snow and would be a great asset to a small breeding program. He is capable of producing charcoal offspring if mated to the right female.

Polar - Solid Lynx Blue Eyed Snow

Brown Marble Female (carrying cs Seal Lynx ) - Gustavo x Frozen They often say that the marbles have the best personality out of the bengals and are more loving and I have to say this girl lives up to that reputation. She just loves to snuggle up with you and watch TV. Ready to leave at the end of January.

Brown Spotted Male (carrying cs Seal Lynx) - Gustavo x Frozen. This male is everything you could want in a kitten, he has the type, contrast and temperament. If it wasn’t for us choosing a male from another litter he would have been a keeper. He would be a great asset to a breeding program. Ready to leave at the end of January

Seal Lynx Male (blue eyed snow) - Gustavo x Lux This boy is currently 3 weeks old and making excellent progress. He will be ready to leave towards the end of February 2021

If you are interested in any of our kittens or adults please send us a message.

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  1. Hi there I am interested in buying a Bengal kitten. Many thanks Linda
  2. Good afternoon, We were wondering if your brown spotted male is still available for adoption, we have been on a look our for one of these beautiful Cats for some time as our family pet, but more particularly for our 14 year old Daughter, we think now is the time to take on the responsibility as my daughter is older and very committed to owning a Cat, also my wife works only 8-10 hours a week so we feel we be ideal owners as I believe the Bengal requires much attention. Please let us know if this Boy is available, Thank you, Tom.
    • I was wondering if the brown marbled female who is ready at the end of January has been taken yet.
      • Hello, Do you still have the brown kitten available? Thank you Francoise
  3. im interested in one of your snow kittens.
  4. I was wondering if you had a pet bengal kitten or a little older as I would not be looking to show or bred And what would be the cost. And what is a good age for it to be desexed Cheers Lillie
  5. A friend of mine has suggested that I contact you as I have been looking online for a couple of months now to find a kitten for my wife. She has had cats for over 20 years but sadly a few years ago had a major stroke so she has limited vocabulary and limited mobility. She can still get around and largely looks after her house (we have just moved into 2 new townhouses in Leeds. This has been to encourage her to do more and it has worked!) So much so that she is convinced that she now could look after a new cat. She has also convinced me and I am next door to her so available if needed. Our last cat died a year ago. It was a Somali and we have had 4 of those over the years. Delightful but adore playing outside and climbing trees. The first cat she had was half Siamese and half Birman Cross Lilac. And he was very happy to stay in the house. We need a house cat not desperate to escape outside. Our research and talking with breeders has convinced us that a Siamese would be ideal. I have been searching online but almost all the ones I see are based anywhere except Yorkshire! Travel is now very limited so I am searching for a ‘local’ Siamese. However, I have just found your website and my wife was very taken with the photos but we are quite ignorant about the breed. In your opinion would your breed also be consistent with what my wife is looking for? And could you give me an approximate price, please? Thank you Barrie mob 07870 262052

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