Frosted Bengal Kittens- Fever coat

We often talk about the bengal fuzzies but have you ever heard of fever coat or as the bengal breeders renamed it a frosted coat.

My first frosted kitten was from an F3 girl I had from the lines Asian Leopard Cat Baghara Sergura Khan and Millwood Whimsey. This same girl also produced my first Long haired bengal, but that’s another story.

‘We find a lot of the new breeders have a frosted litter and sell them as silvers. Looking at these kittens you can understand why.

However, the kittens above are all brown spotted, the one on the left is classed as a brown spotted but he is probably an Apb/Apb.

‘It takes a very experienced breeder to know the difference and even then it can have us fooled.

So, what is a frosted kitten, to be honest even the geneticists led by Professor Tosso Leeb don’t know. I had a chat with him and Dr Sarah Kiener a year ago and they are working with Norwegian Cat Breeders to try and find some answers but they are still at a loss.
There have been many speculations over the years including that the cat had a fever (hence the name fever coat) but none of us really know.

‘There is one thing I can say is that the fever/frosted coats I’ve seen over the years have always turned out to have the clearest coats.

‘I have included a slide show of how this litter developed and hopefully their new owners can continue providing us updates.