Bengal Kittens

Please check our kittens available/upcoming page for the latest information on our availability. If you wish to purchase one of our beautiful kittens please read the information below.

How much are your Bengal Kittens?

This is the first question 95% of you ask on your initial enquiry. Always remember you cannot place a value on quality. Make 100% sure that any kitten you buy the parents have been health tested for PRAb and PKDef along with the parents having their hearts officially checked by a cardiologist. You may find a cheaper kitten but you want to make sure you don’t commit to a lifetime of vets bills.

Breeders may say that they have not had any problems in their lines, unless they keep up to date with every pet owner they don’t know. A lot of the health problems are recessive (meaning they can skip generations) so they need to always continue testing when it comes to heart issues ie HCM. We have some good articles on this website about these health issues. Please make sure you are one step ahead of unscrupulous breeders and scammers.
So back to the question, how much are your bengal kittens?
We charge $2500 for a desexed pet.

How much do other breeders charge?

The majority of breeders in Australia charge between.
Pets - $2000 - $4000
Breed/Show - $3500 - $12,000
If you see any kittens cheaper than this they are likely to be a scammer so please be extra diligent.

How long is your waiting list?

At Migaloo Bengals we have never kept a waiting list. However we have been asked to consider this by numerous pet owners and people interested in a kitten therefore we have decided to trial a priority waiting list. We will only accept a small number of people on this list and only if we have litters on the ground or confirmed.

Priority List
The price to go on the priority list is $100, this gives you the chance to choose a kitten before they are advertised. The $100 will be credited against your purchase price. Having the waiting list also allows people to arrange a payment plan if they prefer to pay for their kitten at so much a week.
If you choose to go on the priority list please complete the “Priority Application Pet Form” or if you are a breeder the “Priority Application Breeder Form”.
We only accept 2 priority applications per litter, however if your preference becomes available in an earlier litter or a future litter you are welcome to move the application fee to another litter.

General List
If you don’t want to go on the priority list and wish to wait and see what is available then photos will be uploaded between 4 - 6 weeks with the following details, available, pending, reserved, under evaluation and keeper.

  • Available: this means you are free to enquire about this kitten. It will be available for you to put a deposit on (or purchase if it is ready to leave). Once we have assessed your suitability we ask for a $500 holding fee.
  • Pending: this means that someone is sending us a deposit. Should the deposit not arrive or the buyer changes their mind, the kitten will be relabelled "Available".
  • Under Evaluation: this means we are holding the kitten for evaluation for our program or that of a another breeder.
  • Reserved: this means a deposit has been made and the kitten chosen by its owner. It is no longer available.
  • Keeper: this means the kitten is staying here at Migaloo Bengals for our breeding program but may still become available in the future should they change once grown.

No matter what list you are on once we have accepted you for one of our Migaloo kittens we ask for a holding fee of $500. The balance of the purchase price of the kitten, including shipping (if applicable) is due in full by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, so that we can arrange the final paperwork/travel/desexing etc. Kittens will be ready to leave for there new homes around 14 weeks old. We cannot guarantee an exact date as the kitten needs to weigh 1.2kg before it can be desexed. Some reach this sooner some are slow to wean and we won’t rush them.

Kittens come with: Feline Cat Council of Queensland (FCCQ) Registration Papers, Pedigree, 6 Weeks free insurance with Pet Cover, Vaccinations, Microchip, Health Check, Desexing (For Pet Quality Kittens), Information Pack, 24/7 Help and Guidance, Discounted shipping rate (Where required).

Do you ship interstate?

Yes we do and the majority of our kitten owners are interstate or overseas. The prices do fluctuate with COVID and the airlines keep raising their prices but we have been using the same company for a number of years.  As a guideline, some prices are:
$150 Lockyer Valley to Sydney
$180 Lockyer Valley to Melbourne
$220 Lockyer Valley to Adelaide
$250 Lockyer Valley to Perth
We can arrange the flight for you or you can deal with the company direct.

Can we visit our kittens?

Prior to COVID we would always prefer people to come and visit their kitten once they had been vaccinated at 8 weeks. However, with me being in the “high risk” category we have temporarily put a stop to this. It’s a very hard decision and one we haven’t taken lightly.
We realise this may make you concerned if we are genuine or not, especially as we hear so many stories of potential kitten owners being scammed. To show we are genuine please feel free to call the FCCQ their details can be found here , check our Facebook page for testimonials which are also shared on here, you can always contact me for our vets details. We honestly have nothing to hide but have to put my safety first.
People are welcome to meet their kittens at the vets when they go for their first vaccination if it’s possible and obviously people can collect their kitten when it’s ready to leave but we ask that you maintain strict protocols.

Pet: What is a Pet Quality Kitten?

A very good question, and each breeder will have their own interpretation. Here at Migaloo Bengals a pet quality kitten is one which we prefer to go to a pet home rather than for show or breeding. The kitten quality can vary from each litter. Sometimes a pet might be one that is lacking in type, or the coat lacks contrast. Another time you may end up with the pick of the litter. All our pet quality kittens are desexed before they leave.

Breed: What is a Breed Quality Kitten?

This has caused numerous heated debates over the years which seem to have got worse. Breeders are given a standard to follow for the Bengal but with different feline associations having their own standards for the breed it leaves judges awarding for totally different type.
In the Bengal we have breeders who try and replicate the whole package and then we have those who have branched off who are now trying to perfect individual parts of the standard for example, a shorter thicker tail, straighter profile, stronger chin, smaller ears. You then have breeders who concentrate on pattern alone trying to perfect the rosettes. They have come a long way since the 90’s. Then you have breeders who concentrate on colour and finally those who chase certain pedigrees/lines.
So, back to the question, what is a breed quality kitten? It really depends on what YOU are looking for. If we feel a kitten could turn out to be of breed quality if mated with the right stud/queen in the future then we mark them as breed quality.

Show: What is a Show Quality Kitten?

Here at Migaloo I never sell my cats at an inflated price just for show. The reason is no one can ever guarantee that your cat will win on the day. Yes, it may be of show quality, but, if the judge isn’t awarding the cat why should you have to pay a $1000 + more. I’ve had Champions all over the world and apart from the cats I’ve owned myself and some imported to Germany, Sweden, America and Hawaii they have all been cats that I have sold as pets