New litter of Bengal Kittens

New litter of Bengal Kittens

We are pleased to announce that Migaloo Queen Azra, our Charcoal Bengal Queen gave birth to 4 healthy Bengal Kittens on the 23rd February. There are 2 Brown Spotted Girls, 1 Brown Spotted Boy and a Brown Marble Boy. They are sired by Afrikatte Niko, our Seal Mink Spotted Stud.

The health of our cats and kittens is of primary importance, as such, both parents are tested CLEAR for Bengal PRA and PK Deficiency. Both parents are also heart tested by a Specialist Veterinary Cardiologist and have normal echocardiographic structure and function, with no evidence of HCM or other structural cardiac disease.

Details of the Health tests can be found on the parents pages on the website.

As Niko is APb/A and Azra is Apb/a it is possible some of the kittens may be APb/Apb, APb/A or A/a and as such, potential offspring (of the kittens) could be Charcoal depending on the mate.

At this stage, the Brown Marble boy, a Brown Spotted Girl and Brown Spotted boy may be available. We are not taking reservations at the moment, however, you are welcome to send an expression of interest via the enquiry form.

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  1. Deb
    Hi. I was wondering if you have any kittens still available? Thank you
  2. Hi I was wondering if you still have 2 kittens available as I am looking to get 2 for my daughters
    • Jo
      We are looking for a female kitten do you have any litters on the way ?
  3. Hello, do you have any kittens available? Thanks, Katy
  4. Dan
    Howdy. Hoping you have a kitten available. Please email me to let me know. Thank you.
  5. Do you have any kittens available please
  6. Hi there looking for a male kitten for my daughter are there any still available? I am in Brisbane . Thank you
  7. Hi looking for a mail Bengal any litters as yet?

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