Cat furniture, stands, scratchers, trees

Cat furniture, stands, scratchers, trees

We mainly use Cat stands from 'Cat Tree King' They're expensive but you get what you pay for - the build quality is second to none, (some of the stands we have are pictured above)

However, if you live near a Costco, then they have Catit Vesper High Base Cat furniture stands in stock at the moment for $120 in store.  This is an excellent price and we're picked some up ourselves.

The measurements are 56 x 56cm Height: 121.5cm  Solid construction, easy to wipe down and the cushions are easy to remove for cleaning, making it a very hygienic product.

The $120 price is excellent, when you consider that Petbarn stock the smaller model (56 x 56 x 81.5) and that's retailing for $280 !




Costco also sell the 'Kitty Power Paws Siberian Mountain Cat Furniture' which is currently retailing for $100. While it may be tempting to opt for one of these as they're $20 cheaper than the Vesper, I'd strongly urge against it. The build quality is very poor, the scratching posts are extremely light, and of the cardboard construction variety. The cloth material is very poor, but more alarmingly, we're personally aware of 2 instances where kittens have shredded the cat house at the bottom of the stand (which is made of very thin cloth) and have become entangled in the material and strangled themselves, before luckily being cut free by the owners).

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