Previous Bengals

Unfortunately, over time, we have lost a lot of our photos from when we were breeding and showing in the UK. This wasn't helped by a power surge about 10 years ago which rendered the laptop and hard drive useless - causing loss of photos, our pedigree database etc (this was back in the days before cloud backups). However, with the help of friends we have been able to put together some information on the beautiful Bengals we have owned over the years.

Marble Bengal CatEraser Lara of Tuhina

Type: Blue Eyed Snow Marbled Bengal (766 20)
Sire: Wildsafari Avalanche (USA import)
Dam: Stageone Evita (USA import)
Sex: Female

This beautiful Snow Marble SBT queen is the grand daughter of Nola Magic Marker of Kingsmark. Lara has a nice muzzle, stunning blue eyes, nice marble pattern, and a sweet personality. Her body is long and her coat is pelted. She has already produced some stunning kittens to RW SGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole.

F1 Juanau
Eraser Juanau of Tuhina

Type: F1
Sex: Female

We were the first in the UK to import lines from the rare ALC Juara. Juana has a very good profile with no break what so ever. She has large nocturnal eyes, small ears, and muscular boning for a female. She has a super soft pelted coat, that feels so silky when you touch her. She has a strong chin with huge whisker pads! Her tummy is totally white, she has a very thick tail and her rosettes? Absolute incredible!!! She has huge arrow head rosettes all over her body, Her shoulder markings are called "Butterfly pattern".

Brown Spotted Bengal
HIQ - Aluren Desert Rose

Type: 76 30 Brown Spotted

What more can I say about this girl that you cannot already see from her photo, she is stunning and has great type and a wild look, with small ears, huge whisker pads and tri coloured rosettes, she is highly glittered. We look forward to seeing her offspring in Spring this year.

Brown Marbled Bengal
Finegold Tobasco

Type: 76 20 Brown Marbled
Sire : Attribute of Aluren
Dam: Aluren Bonnie of BosqueBengals

Our Marble Stud Boy, an F6 from the rare lines of Asian Leopard Cat Hatfield. This handsome tri-coloured marble male was born in quarantine. He has the most incredible coat pattern and superb temperament. We feel he will be an asset to our breeding programme.

Silver Marble
Legacie Tuhinablade 

Type: Silver Marble
Sire : Silvergene Splendor
Dam: Granitebengals Silver Powder

For 2004 we would like to introduce our new silver bengal stud, he has one of the best pedigrees and is from a silver bengal to silver bengal mating. His father is one of the most stunning silver rosetted Bengals ever bred "Silvergene Splendor" and his grandfather another stunning silver rosetted male "Silvergene Captain Picard". Blades brilliant pedigree doesn't end there he also has Triple Grand Champion DiCaprio has a Grandfather. Just look at that white background with no sign of tarnish what great contrast he has. We look forward to having some beautiful rosetted silver bengal kittens this year. Thank you to our dear friend Jill at Legacie in the USA for allowing us this wonderful boy

Eraser Matrix Reloaded of Tuhina
Type: Blue Eyed Snow Marbled (76b 20)
Sire : Wildsafari Avalanche
Dam: Aluren String O Pearls

A Malaysian import, This SBT SLP (Blue Eyed) snow marble is the combination of two top quality snow parents which were imported from the USA. He is large boned with a very typey body and thick tail which he carries rather low all the time, he has a super soft pelted coat, nice profile and is dripping with glitter. His strong chin with these blue eyes is just gorgeous.

Eraser Tuhina Domino

Type: 76 30 Brown Spotted Bengal
Sire: CH Dalton Of Starbengal (Full brother to TGC Dicaprio Of Starbengal)
Dam: Jumanji Lucky Charm

We are pleased to announce our new stud here at Tuhina, this TOP quality male SBT is pelted, friendly and glittered, He has huge giant rosettes all over his body. He has huge whisker pads with very whited tummy just like his sire! We would like to thank our finest friend Muzaffar for allowing this wonderful boy to join us at Tuhina, we heard that there were quite a few breeders who wanted to take this young man into their breeding program but thankfully he is now here in the UK at Tuhina.

Brown Spotted Bengal
Brockenmoor Tuhina Lord O Rings (German Import)

Type: 76 30 Brown Spotted Bengal
Sire: Double Grand Champion Millwood Baghira of Brockenmoor
Dam: Brockenmoor Destiny

Brockenmoor Tuhina Lord O Rings is a gorgeous highly rosetted boy from the Brockenmoor Cattery in Germany, we would like to thank Birgit and Gerd for allowing us this lovely boy.

Eraser Juara Princess of Tuhina
Type: Foundation F1
Sire: ALC Juana
Dam: Aluren String O Pearls

Leera is the most precious cat. She is wild looking with superb bone structure, puffy whisker pads and pure white tummy. Her coat is immaculate with well defined rosetted markings beautiful thick tail, I could talk about her all day. She is a real sweetheart and has been a very welcomed addition to our breeding programme. We are looking forward to seeing what she will produce.

Regrettably we no longer have photos of our other bengals - QGC Armonti of San Souci (American Import), Tuhina Hello Moto (from RW SGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole), Outlaws Silverdollar to name a few.